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Our easy-to-use new website launches soon. Please ensure you’ve closed any open orders by 21:00 BST Thursday 24th April.

How to set up a School Group Order online…

Our online facility to create a School Group Order makes life very easy! There's no need to collate the orders or handle cash. Parents can just go online, choose their books, pay by credit card and add their order to your School Group Order. You can set up a School Group Order by following the steps below.

Get started now!

1. Set it up

Log in, click on Order now and open a School Group Order basket. You just need to set a deadline for parents to get their orders in by.

2. Let everyone know

Let parents know that they can now go online and join your school's Group Order. We'll give you your own unique URL that you can use to direct them there. Take a look at our online resources when you set up the basket. You could try:

  • Downloading a letter and sending it out with the catalogues.
  • Adding a section in your school newsletter.
  • Putting a link to your Book Clubs site from your school website.
  • Sending out an email to parents.

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3. Add extra orders

You can add extra orders that you've had at any time until you want to confirm the order – it doesn't matter if it's before or after the deadline.

4. Click to confirm

Each order comes with bookmarks for each child

Confirm your order and the books will be sent to you within 10 working days. We'll include a detailed list of what each child ordered, to make distribution simple.