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Our easy-to-use new website launches soon. Please ensure you’ve closed any open orders by 21:00 BST Thursday 24th April.

How to use your Scholastic Rewards

Scholastic Rewards can be saved and combined together to use to obtain free books from:

Redeeming your Rewards

Please follow these procedures when redeeming your Rewards:


  1. Rewards can be partially redeemed and replacement Rewards for the balance will be issued upon request. Rewards cannot be issued for less than £1. Any unused value under £1 will be forfeited.
  2. When the Rewards are being redeemed, please ensure you enter your selection on the relevant order form. If you do not have the correct order form please indicate which catalogue you are ordering from with the item number.
  3. Please send all orders that contain Scholastic Rewards to the address shown on the order form. If sending in orders that are split between different catalogues, send to the address with the highest order value.
  4. Your Scholastic Rewards serial number should be quoted when you order.
  5. You may add cash to the Rewards in order to make up the correct amount to claim extra resources.
  6. Additional commission cannot be claimed on Scholastic Rewards purchases.
  7. The value of Scholastic Rewards used cannot be included in the total order value when calculating volume discounts and Rewards.
  8. If you opt out of paper Rewards the unique serial numbers will be automatically added to your online account and printed on your invoice.

Ordering via the website

When ordering on (Book Clubs only) or, input the unique serial number when placing the order or choose it from a list.

Scholastic Book Clubs by post

When redeeming Rewards for books from Scholastic Book Clubs leaflets please enter your choice of books in the QTY FREE (Rewards) column on the order form and write the unique serial number in the payment section.

Scholastic Book Clubs Terms and Conditions

  1. The Rewards can only be used before the expiry date.
  2. Rewards will not be issued for less than the value of£1.
  3. Further Rewards cannot be earned as a result of redeeming Rewards
  4. Rewards cannot be used to pay outstanding invoices.
  5. Rewards must be used to obtain additional teacher or library resources for your class or your school. Rewards cannot be used to pay for, or part pay for, orders placed by children.
  6. Rewards can be used on the internet to claim free books for your class or school.
  7. The quantity of books chosen should be entered in the QTY FREE (Rewards) column.
  8. Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  9. The Rewards serial number will not allow a voucher to be used more than once.